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Fruit Yogurt Pop

I eyeballed everything and it came out fine, so I’m guessing the ratio of these things is flexible.  In a blender, I threw in: greek yogurt, 2 teaspoons honey, 8 frozen and seeded dates, frozen chopped mango, and healthy handful of blueberries. Blend it till everything looks incorporated, pour into popsicle molds, freeze for 2 […]

ShopHouse aka Asian Chipotle

When I go to Chipotle, it’s not because I’m craving Mexican food.  Chipotle doesn’t even register on my Mexican food radar.  I go there because I’m craving Chipotle. Yes, their food is pretty generic and yes, everything tastes the same no matter what location you go to, but sometimes you just want something generic with […]

Simple 4-Ingredient Aioli

Making aioli is funny. It’s simple and fairly easy, but does require some strict guidelines. People tend to get religious about what goes into a good aioli and I didn’t really understand that until I started making it by hand myself. Step 1: Make sure you’re completely alone. The more eyeballs pointed at the aioli, […]

Sunday Tapas Dinner

I know, I know. Tapas are so over.  But that doesn’t make them less fun to eat out doors.  To celebrate the coming of summer, we had our first outdoor dinner of the year. Well, maybe not really our first since we did have a barbecue a few weeks ago, but one of our first. Will made […]

Pono Burger

Disclaimer: This was a work-sponsored lunch and the burger might have suffered from the 20-second walk from the restaurant to my office. For months, my colleagues and I were awaiting the opening of Pono Burger.  A casual restaurant right next door from our office that was even closer than Bay Cities? Yes please.  Well, Pono Burger […]


After passing by this place several times on our way Pizzanista! I finally convinced Will to take me to Bestia.  We were apprehensive because the chef also used to work at Osteria Angelini, where I had the most underdone plate of pasta in my life. My pasta at Angelini was not a “Oh, this must […]

Fridge Oatmeal Power Breakfast

In the mornings before breakfast, I like to do as few complicated things as possible. That’s why making oatmeal the night before in the rice-cooker is great for me. An alternative I’ve been doing lately is fridge oatmeal, which are rolled oats rehydrated in the fridge overnight.  I’ve been waking up super hungry lately, so […]