The Flower Lab: Wedding Invitations and Decorations

Being married is great, but getting married is terrible. There’s a lot of planning, bickering, and deciding involved. One thing we lucked out on was on flowers, decorations, and invitations. Our talented friend Tweeny of The Flower Lab and Tiny Wren Press does awesome wedding decorations and is great to work with.

ceremony decoration

Tweeny knew exactly what we meant when we said we wanted something simple but classy. From the simple red letter-pressed invitations to the cymbidium/succulent combo the men of the bridal party wore, she catered to our tastes exactly.


I definitely didn’t want a traditional, over the top wedding centerpiece or a bouquet of boring white flowers. I mentioned to her my fondness of orchids and succulents and she and our other friend Tiffany came up something that I was extremely pleased with.


The centerpieces for our reception were bias bowls filled with rocks, water, and very lovely flowers and succulents. I had voiced my worry of sending people home with centerpieces that would just wilt and die and they took my worry to heart by creating these living, long-lasting almost terrariums. This was one of the few weddings I went to (if I do say so myself) where people were actually fighting about who got to take the centerpiece home.


My bouquet and hair clip, in matching with the theme, were both a play on red. Even though I hadn’t told Tweeny the color of my or the bridal party’s dresses, what she picked out went perfectly with what we wore. Even the bouquet, with its ribbon-wrapped handle and simple pearl embellishments was simply stated elegance.

I wasn’t one of those girls who had already planned a wedding in their head since the age of 10, so I was a little lost when it came to decorations. Will and I were both lucky to have such a receptive and creative friend who took our suggestions and crafted such beautiful wedding decorations out of them.

I can’t give an unbiased review of The Flower Lab since Tweeny is a friend and all, but I highly recommend her for wedding decorating needs as well as general letterpress needs. She has an humongous, scary  looking letterpress in her studio that is Serious Business.