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FTL: Be A Project Manager In Space!

I’ve been playing a lot of this little game called FTL. It’s a spaceship simulation game, but not of the gratuitous space battle variety.  Instead, players control one ship, its upgrades, and can delegate crew members to do stuff.  It’s almost like being a project manager on a space ship.  This may sound boring, but […]

Indie Game The Movie

Despite all the drama about the indie “rock star” developers, Indie Game The Movie is still an enjoyable movie.  It made me nostalgic about those early days of LAN parties, nerdy guys in gamer shirts, and the camaraderie of old CoJ (RIP CoJ forum TFC servers!). What I especially liked about the movie (other than the […]

Mass Effect 2

Hey, remember when I used to write about video games? Yeah, me too. I completely skipped over the first game in the Mass Effect universe because 1.) I don’t usually like western RPGs, and 2.) I’d heard bad, bad, things about the in-game menu and inventory.  When Mass Effect 2 came on sale, I was […]

Some thoughts about Borderlands

I finished Borderlands last week! It’s one of the few xbox 360 games I completed lately.  A game needs to be engaging for me to spend more than a few hours on it thanks to all the other games that I want to play and my backlog. Things I loved about the game: Diablo loot-a-thon […]

Waiting for Diablo 3? Play Torchlight

No, PC gaming is not dead. Far from it. I’ve been playing a lot of Torchlight during my spare time lately. It’s a dungeon crawling loot-stravaganza for the uninitiated. The UI is great. The art design is whimsical. Your character model changes depending on what you have equipped. Oh, and every class gets a helpful […]

The Stick

The BF got me the Street Fighter VI Tournament edition stick for my birthday a month or so ago.  The original artwork was mediocre, so we worked together to mod it. The original stick looks like this: I fuddled with a template based on the Sega Astro City arcade cabinet and sent the finished artwork […]

Ladies of Street Fighter Tournament

Me vs. Stacy the Manager Don’t laugh at my Game Face ™! This weekend was the Ladies of Street Fighter tournament at Arcade Infinity. It was the first tournament I’d ever seen in person, much less played in, but it was a good experience. I hadn’t imagined it would be so nerve-wracking. I came in […]