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Things to do in Austin: Alamo Drafthouse

When we talked to locals about things to do in Austin, one thing that kept coming up was Alamo Drafthouse.  I asked myself, how good could a movie theater be that everyone keeps talking about it? Giving it the benefit of the doubt, I went online and checked what was showing. It was my favorite [...]

Things to do in Austin: Whole Foods

While researching things to do in Austin before our trip, Whole Foods came up a lot on other people’s lists.  At first, I laughed at that. We already have plenty of Whole Foods in LA, why specifically visit a Whole Foods when traveling? Then I thought more about it.  I love going to super markets [...]

The Salt Lick BBQ (Austin)

One important thing on my Todo List when visiting Texas for the first time is to eat barbecue.  It would be a shame for me to visit barbecue country without trying it at least once.  When I stepped out of the Jet Blue terminal and right into the smokey aroma of the Salt Lick outpost [...]

Pok Pok (Portland)

What visit to Portland is complete without a meal at Pok Pok?  Although Los Angeles has more than a handful of well-known, authentic Thai restaurants, I had to try this one in Portland. At first, I was a bit skeptical about a non-Thai cooking Thai, but after tasting his food, Andy Ricker is legit. We [...]

Dinner with Friends in Eugene

Lately, one of the things I most enjoy is sharing a casual dinner and a few glasses of wine with friends. When we visited our friends Jason and Joanna in Eugene and they opened their homes to us, I wanted to take advantage of their large, open-plan kitchen and 6-burner stove and cook them dinner. [...]

Boke Bowl (Portland)

Some may think that a hot bowl of noodle soup is not a great idea when it hits 95F in Portland, but I scoff in the face of those people. The best time for a bowl of hot noodles is every time. Other than at Shojin, there’s not really a good place in LA for [...]

Ostrich Land

If stopping by Solvang isn’t Disneyland-esque enough, just a few miles down Highway 246 is Ostrich Land USA. I noticed passing it while we were looking for our hotel in Solvang and really wanted to go there. It turned out to be a fun way to pass an hour for only a few dollars. Do [...]