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Indie Game The Movie

Despite all the drama about the indie “rock star” developers, Indie Game The Movie is still an enjoyable movie.  It made me nostalgic about those early days of LAN parties, nerdy guys in gamer shirts, and the camaraderie of old CoJ (RIP CoJ forum TFC servers!). What I especially liked about the movie (other than the […]

Video: A Bite of China

If you haven’t been keeping up with the flogosphere (get it? it’s the food blogosphere!) then you may not have heard of this great mini-series from CCTV called A Bite of China.  The good news is the production value is high and the subject matter is really good. The bad news is that it’s only […]


Will and I went to a great play called Chinglish while we were in New York.  It’s about miscommunication and the complicated situations it can cause.  What really attracted me to the show was that both English and Mandarin was spoken.  While it helps to be bilingual when watching the play, there are surtitles on […]

Kdrama: Pasta

My favorite Korean drama so far has been this one called Pasta.  It’s about a woman who just graduated from being a kitchen helper to a line cook.  Her dream is to become a chef.  On the third day of her job on the pasta line, an upheaval happens in the restaurant, all the women […]

Korean Dramas

We’ve been watching a lot of Korean dramas (aka K-drama) a lot at home. I don’t watch as much as Will, who’s pretty indiscriminate when it comes to Korean soap operas, but here are the ones that we’ve watched together so far. Boys Over Flowers This is the one that started it all.  A few years ago, […]

Fantasy Is Not Just For Boys

I was put off by this New York Times Review of A Game of Thrones on HBO and penned a letter to its author. The letter is reproduced below: Dear Ms Bellafante, I was excited to see a review of A Game of Thrones in the New York Times, but I was put off by […]

The Adjustment Bureau

I’m always up for a thriller starring Matt Damon, so when The Adjustment Bureau came out, I was excited to see it. In preparation of watching the movie, I read the incredibly short story it was based on by Philip K. Dick called The Adjustment Team. The bare-bones story set up the premise for the […]