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The Sunset Magazine iPad App

When people talk about the future of books and adding interactivity like videos to ebooks, I’ve always been skeptical.  What’s wrong with the existing way people interact with books — turning the page for new content?  I’m a happy owner of a Paperwhite Kindle and have read hundreds of books on it without complaint.  I […]

Best Books of 2012

Happy New Year! Last year I read 90 books.  Some were really good, some were really bad, and most were somewhere in the middle. I read a handful of 5-star books that I’d consider the best books I read of 2012.  Here are a few of them. Click the book cover for the long review […]

Mapo Tofu

For some reason, maybe because I saw someone making it in the second episode of Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure, I was craving mapo tofu. We already had most of the condiments in the fridge, so I made it for dinner. I just needed to buy soft tofu and green onions. Obviously, I didn’t include […]

Read this book: Wool Omnibus Edition

 Usually, I keep my book reviews on Goodreads, but some times, I read a great book and I want to share it with everyone I know. Wool is one of those books and because it’s mostly self-published I want to spread the word as much as I can. From my Goodreads review: The Wool Omnibus […]

My Reading Challenge is Complete!

I challenged myself to read 75 books this year and it’s only November, but I’m done! Woohoo. I guess it was a little cheating because some were pretty short books and I read a couple of graphic novels here and there, and a lot of trashy stuff, but hey, books are books. Some of the […]

Fantasy Is Not Just For Boys

I was put off by this New York Times Review of A Game of Thrones on HBO and penned a letter to its author. The letter is reproduced below: Dear Ms Bellafante, I was excited to see a review of A Game of Thrones in the New York Times, but I was put off by […]

The Adjustment Bureau

I’m always up for a thriller starring Matt Damon, so when The Adjustment Bureau came out, I was excited to see it. In preparation of watching the movie, I read the incredibly short story it was based on by Philip K. Dick called The Adjustment Team. The bare-bones story set up the premise for the […]