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SnowLA Shavery Serves Vegan Shaved Snow

Poor Will has to accompany to places like Class 302, Fluff Ice, Blockheads and Pa Pa Walk and watch me eat delicious shaved snow.  Because he’s vegan, places like those don’t have much in the way of cold desserts for him. That’s why when I read about Snow LA Shavery, I knew we had to [...]

El Pollon

Sometimes, what you’re looking for is right in your backyard. In this case, what I was looking for was right in my parents’ backyard and had been for years.  Since the winter heat wave, I’ve been craving the refreshing acidity of good ceviche.  An internet search yielded El Pollon, a Peruvian shack a stone’s throw [...]

Tacos at Colonia Taco Lounge

I visited Colonia Taco Lounge for lunch and was met with a disappointment: the cauliflower taco I was intent on ordering was out!  Luckily, there were still plenty of tacos to choose from on the board and I was still pretty happy with my three choices. Campion: This taco was ridiculously good. Crispy bacon, crumbly, rich [...]

Horse Thief BBQ

Brisket, why do I always fall for your trap now?  I never was a big brisket fan until I went to Austin a few months ago.  There, I saw that brisket could be tender, juicy, rich, and delicious.  Hell, even the run-of-the-mill brisket at the Austin Whole Foods was miles beyond anything I’d ever had [...]

Sticky Rice

I’d been meaning to visit my friend Johnny’s new Thai street food restaurant in Grand Central Market for a while, and sure, it’s taken me months to make it there, but yesterday, I finally stopped by.  Perhaps Hainan chicken was not the most Thai-like dish to order, but I’d been hearing good things about this [...]

ShopHouse aka Asian Chipotle

When I go to Chipotle, it’s not because I’m craving Mexican food.  Chipotle doesn’t even register on my Mexican food radar.  I go there because I’m craving Chipotle. Yes, their food is pretty generic and yes, everything tastes the same no matter what location you go to, but sometimes you just want something generic with [...]

Tiger Skin Peppers from Hunan Mao

A lot has been said about recent San Gabriel Valley spicy restaurant darling Hunan Mao. This Valley boulevard restaurant, not to be confused with its old incarnation a few doors east, is all new and modern looking, but still carries the familiar flavor of Hunanese cooking. Tipped off by my friend Jason, we ordered the [...]