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The Tesla Buying Experience

After doing a lot of research, playing around with specs, hemming, hawing, I had finally decided to call Tesla and schedule a test drive. The nearest place I could try out one of these new-fangled all-electric cars is in Costa Mesa, so a week after I called for an appointment, off I went. On first […]

The Sunset Magazine iPad App

When people talk about the future of books and adding interactivity like videos to ebooks, I’ve always been skeptical.  What’s wrong with the existing way people interact with books — turning the page for new content?  I’m a happy owner of a Paperwhite Kindle and have read hundreds of books on it without complaint.  I […]

Tieks Review

I’ve been seeing ads for Tieks brand ballet slippers everywhere and have to admit that their marketing has been working on me.  A classic looking ballet flat that’s durable, slip-free, and comfortable? Count me in. tldr; Pros: Comfortable, classic, no-slip grippy thing at the bottom, good customer service, free shipping and returns. Cons: Toe-cleavage, expensive.

Paddywax Candle: Thyme and Olive Leaf

Choosing a candle to burn in our household is more complicated than one would expect.  Will and I tend to have different opinions on what scents smell good, which made me wonder what he would think of this candle I bought.  Buying a scented candle online without first smelling it is a risky thing to […]


I bought a few things from Everlane ever since hearing about them.  One concern I have about buying clothes online is the fit. The second thing is the quality of the material. Both things are hard to judge from your screen, so hopefully my review of these products will be helpful to some of you. […]

The Flower Lab: Wedding Invitations and Decorations

Being married is great, but getting married is terrible. There’s a lot of planning, bickering, and deciding involved. One thing we lucked out on was on flowers, decorations, and invitations. Our talented friend Tweeny of The Flower Lab and Tiny Wren Press does awesome wedding decorations and is great to work with. Tweeny knew exactly […]

Publishers Do Not Get It

I’ve had my kindle for my than a year. I now read more than I ever did thanks to the portable, electronic book platform. But one thing I do not like about it is when publishers pull shit like this. The virtual “oh you don’t really own it, you just kind of get the right […]