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Trackback2Flickr (version doh!)

Note: I took the download link down because there was one crucial step I forgot to list.  I’ll revise this and repost it in a few days after I figure out the workflow for that step. If, like me, you have tons of pictures on your account which you use on your blog, you […]

The Martinez Re-visited

I was already a fan of a Martinez over a Martini and making it with Ransom Old Tom Gin is a real treat. The gin is an unusual (for gin) brown color and has slightly sweeter taste to it thanks to the added malt. I like it because it doesn’t taste like a bottle of […]

OCD Tool: PackageTrackr

I don’t know about you, but whenever I order anything online, I have to track its shipping status every hour.  Now we all got along fine before all this hi-tech package tracking came about, but now that it’s here, I can’t stop looking at it.  It’s as if the package will get lost if I […]

Pocketful of Dough – Tips on Tipping

Pocketful of Dough – Tips on Tipping — an entertaining article about tipping the maitre d’ of hard-to-get-into restaurants. I’ve never been to a place that would require this and I don’t know if I would want to, but the article is funny anyway. I wonder if this would work at Musha? I think I […]

Working at a Startup

Juixe TechKnow wrote up a few things about working at a startup. I bolded one that’s VERY true and sometimes really annoying. * In a startup, you can have any title you want, say VP of Version Control, but no one reports to you other than yourself. * In a startup, if you code it, […]

Kitty Genius Print

Ashley over at Kitty Genius sent me this print as a thank-you gift. I finally went out and got a frame for it from the art store. I wasn’t sure if I should mat it or not, now that it’s hanging on the wall, I think it looks pretty good unmatted.

Google Romance

Is Google Romance an April Fool’s joke? I guess it lends a new meaning to ‘googling someone.’