FO: Striped Cowl

FO: Cowl

I finally finished the cowl I had started last winter with some yarn the BF got me for Valentine’s Day. My idea was to have something to keep my neck warm while riding my bike in cold weather, but a scarf seemed too dangerous because it could fly off or get stuck in the wheels. I used a lot more yarn than I thought for this, but now it also doubles as a hood!

Finished: Diagonal Knit Cowl

Diagonal Knit Cowl
I finally finished this cowl. This was my first cowl and I don’t know why I didn’t make these sooner. They have the advantage of keeping you warm like a scarf, but also has the advantage of not falling off or getting in the way.

The stitch pattern I used is from here (pdf). The whole thing is knit on size 10.5(US) needles. I basically just knit up a wide long rectangle, and then sewed the ends together when it was enough to wrap around my head.

The pattern takes a while because of the knit3tog splitting my yarn if I didn’t pay attention to it, but the wrong side is just knit, so that goes pretty quickly.

My First Socks are Done

First pair of socks
I finally finished the second sock to my first pair of socks. The actual knitting part was pretty easy after I learned how to start the toe (these are toe-up socks) and turn the heel.

The cuffs were a pain in the ass because I had to learn how to do an elastic bind off because the usual bind off I did made the sock opening too small. I had intended these to be ankle-length socks because I don’t like wearing super-long socks all the time. Unfortunately, I misjudged how long the cuff I knitted was and by the time I bound off and tried on the sock, it was shorter than I thought. Still wearable, but next pair of ankle socks I make will be longer.