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Things That Go Still in the Night

I was coming back from dinner at my parents’ house tonight and had just walked into the front door when I hear from outside, “Come look at this!”  It was Will, telling me to look at something outside. I was wary of what I was going to see because he only uses that tone when […]

Ellie’s Farm

My friend Kim invited me over to her parents’ farm this weekend to taste fresh mulberries from their mulberry tree.  I had only had dried mulberries before and now, after trying the fresh one, I have to say the dried ones are no comparison. Fresh mulberries are sweet, with deep, rich flavor like dark cherries. […]

A Hiking Story: From Fail to Win

It was such a gorgeous day on Saturday that the BF suggested we go for a hike, which surprised me because usually I’m the one who comes up with hike ideas.  Since we live so close to pretty good trails, we didn’t think to do too much research before hopping into a car and jumping […]

A Chinese Funeral

What do Chinese people do in a funeral? I don’t know what other Chinese do, but my family recently had a funeral for my grandpa and it was nice and low key. Since we’re not that religious and no one knew what Buddhist sutras were appropriate or even how to chant them, we outsourced that […]

The Diva Cup & Menstrual Cups in General

Okay boys, if the subject title wasn’t sufficient, this is your last warning. Weird, lady-parts and menstruation information is headed your way in 3… 2… 1…

Ace Hotel (Palm Springs)

The BF and I wanted a calm, low-key, relaxing vacation for the weekend.  I wanted to check out the Ace Hotel. That’s how we ended up in Palm Springs.  For a place that’s known (according to my boss) only for four things — golf, tennis, shopping, and sitting by the pool, Palm Springs isn’t usually […]

My Digital Perm After 2 Months

Those who know me will know I’m not exactly a girlie-girl.  But once in a while, I’ll curl my hair and “put on my face” — usually if I’m going somewhere fancy or if it’s for a wedding. Unfortunately, because I so rarely do my hair, I’m not that good at it and usually after […]