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The Sunset Magazine iPad App

When people talk about the future of books and adding interactivity like videos to ebooks, I’ve always been skeptical.  What’s wrong with the existing way people interact with books — turning the page for new content?  I’m a happy owner of a Paperwhite Kindle and have read hundreds of books on it without complaint.  I […]

Total Baby iOS App

During Robin’s first month, we were using the Total Baby app several times a day to keep track of how many wet/dirty diapers she had, how often she ate, her weight, etc. I blame being an engineer and having to record everything, but it was useful to have the numbers ready when we went for […]

FTL: Be A Project Manager In Space!

I’ve been playing a lot of this little game called FTL. It’s a spaceship simulation game, but not of the gratuitous space battle variety.  Instead, players control one ship, its upgrades, and can delegate crew members to do stuff.  It’s almost like being a project manager on a space ship.  This may sound boring, but […]

Read this book: Wool Omnibus Edition

 Usually, I keep my book reviews on Goodreads, but some times, I read a great book and I want to share it with everyone I know. Wool is one of those books and because it’s mostly self-published I want to spread the word as much as I can. From my Goodreads review: The Wool Omnibus […]

Fantasy Is Not Just For Boys

I was put off by this New York Times Review of A Game of Thrones on HBO and penned a letter to its author. The letter is reproduced below: Dear Ms Bellafante, I was excited to see a review of A Game of Thrones in the New York Times, but I was put off by […]

The Adjustment Bureau

I’m always up for a thriller starring Matt Damon, so when The Adjustment Bureau came out, I was excited to see it. In preparation of watching the movie, I read the incredibly short story it was based on by Philip K. Dick called The Adjustment Team. The bare-bones story set up the premise for the […]

I Don’t Get Publishers

Earlier, I wrote an angry post after seeing, yet again, that the ebook version of a book was more expensive than the physical version of it. In my mind, that made no sense. Ebooks are virtual, are not printed on paper, do not take up shelf space, and don’t cost any money to ship (other […]