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Another Brilliant Dream

I had another great idea come to me in a dream last night. In my dream, my co-worker was showing me his iPod touch and a new application he installed on it. It made the touch screen into a telephone keypad and he could call people over VOIP. It basically made his iPod touch into […]

I dreamed of my Halosexual Ex

I had a dream about my Halosexual Ex last night. In my dream, he was coming to my house to pick up my little sister or some other female relative and I wondered if he was going to come to the door or stay in the car. When he pulled up to the curb, he […]

Don’t look at the clock

A combination of taking too many caffeinated pills and the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard in my life left me sleepless last night. I wasn’t completely awake the entire night, but rather, on the verge of falling asleep and being awake. It’s when my mind’s between the waking world and the sleeping that I start […]