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Dear People Who Call Themselves Vegetarians

If you call yourself a vegetarian, but you eat fish, guess what? You’re not a vegetarian. Fish is a meat. Just because they’re not cute or make any sounds doesn’t mean they don’t feel pain when you bite into their deliciously tender flesh. What’s even worse are you “vegetarians” who just don’t eat red meat. […]

Dear people who don’t know how to make right turns,

Hug the damn curb if you’re making a right turn. Don’t slow down 500 feet from the intersection in the middle of the lane and slowly make your turn, still in the middle of the lane. If there’s more than half a car’s width between your car and the curb on the right, for god […]

Dear stupid guy who got here by googling “illegal episode 3 downloadable,”

You need to be more subtle with your movie pirating. Don’t you think if it was as easy as writing something like “Gimme episode 3″ in Google, no one would be going to the movies anymore? Just for your sake of knowledge, “Episode 3 downloadable” suffices the search. It’s already illegal. No use to include […]

Dear people who throw cigarettes out the window,

I don’t care if you guys smoke in your car while you’re driving. It’s not like you’re smoking in my car. But don’t be an ass about it. Don’t throw your half-smoked cigarette out of your car’s window. Keep your trash to yourself.