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Raised Vegetable Bed

A weekend project I’ve been meaning to undertake was to create a raised garden for extra vegetable growing space. Right now, our backyard has a medium piece of lawn, which I hate because it uses up water and I can’t eat it.  The solution: put in a 4’x8′ raised bed for planting vegetables in. Will […]

Another New Year Resolution: Write More

One of my resolutions for this year is to write more. Not just write more posts, but write by hand more.  Since I have a job where I type on the computer all day, my penmanship has been going downhill ever since college.  I recently bought a fountain pen to inspire me to write by […]

Goodbye Year of the Rat

It’s the eve of Chinese New Year, so I made a banner for the rats that says, “Goodbye year of the rat!”. The BF got some banners made from our front door to invite in an auspicious new year, so why shouldn’t the rats have one too?

Teacup Art

The BF broke his tea-cup a couple of months ago and asked if I wanted the pieces. It broke in a perfect line down the middle, which is kind of neat, so I kept it. I’ve been meaning to put each half in a separate square frame, but I couldn’t find small square frames that […]

FO: Striped Cowl

I finally finished the cowl I had started last winter with some yarn the BF got me for Valentine’s Day. My idea was to have something to keep my neck warm while riding my bike in cold weather, but a scarf seemed too dangerous because it could fly off or get stuck in the wheels. […]

New Rat Cage

This is my new rat cage from Martin’s Cages. As you can see, there aren’t any rats in there. We’re not getting them until Friday night. It’s going to be a long week! I made some hammocks for the rats this weekend in preparation. I first made the blue one on the right, which has […]

The BF’s Scarf

I finally finished the BF’s scarf. It took almost two years, because I had run out of the original yarn and couldn’t find the same colors in any store. I finally settled on adding a third color in: the greyish green. I’m hoping the colors match in a “hey, we’re all autumn colors” sort of […]