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Beelman’s Pub

When we heard that a friend was the executive chef at a new bar downtown, we knew we had to pay it a visit. ¬†With the baby in tow, we got to Beelman’s pub at the old-person dining hour of 5:30 in the afternoon. The chef, Tom Block, bought us a round of drinks and […]

Pok Pok (Portland)

What visit to Portland is complete without a meal at Pok Pok? ¬†Although Los Angeles has more than a handful of well-known, authentic Thai restaurants, I had to try this one in Portland. At first, I was a bit skeptical about a non-Thai cooking Thai, but after tasting his food, Andy Ricker is legit. We […]

Hot Kum Toddy

A few days ago, my old co-worker Ken-ichi (who’s now devoting more time to iNaturalist) remarked that I rarely write about cocktails anymore. I told him it’s because since I moved, I haven’t been filling the ice-cube trays, so whenever I do feel like a drink, there’s no ice in the house to make one. […]

Cocktails @ The Tasting Kitchen

Although I still have tons to say and lots of pictures to post of my trip to Asia, let’s go back to our regularly scheduled programming for a bit. A few weeks ago, I finally made it to The Tasting Kitchen on that trendy strip of Abbot Kinney in Venice thanks to a write-up about […]

Mr. Kazuo Ueda

Mr. Kazuo Ueda, bartender at Tender Bar in Ginza, inventor of the hard shake. What a classy guy.

Cocktail: Blue Moon

The release of the highly sought-after Creme Yvette finally made it into our hands tonight. Despite its name, a Blue Moon is not blue. Instead, at least the way it’s made in the picture above, it’s a pleasant pink color that’s not at all garish. The cocktail is delicate with a soft touch of sweetness. […]

Cocktail: The Dirty Sanchez

The BF’s recipe: 2 oz Sweet Vermouth (I used Vya) 1 oz Old Tom Gin (I used the Ransom one, which is great) – if you don’t have the Old Tom, might want to add some symple syrup 1/2 oz Cynar 4 dashes Boker’s bitters (maybe unnecessary with the Cynar, but I used them anyway) […]