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Relationships Bleh

So when I finally do decide to work on a relationship, the other party decides that it’s not worth it to work so hard on it. WTF is that? Grrr I hate the feeling of putting effort into something and then not have it amount to anything.

Maybe I’m not cut out

Maybe I’m not cut out for the relationship game. Bleh. I heard from somewhere or someone that it’s not about finding the right person, but about being the right person. I wonder if I had known that sooner, if anything would have been done differently.

Worst. PMS. Ever.

In a fit of psycho-pms-bitch from hell, I broke up with my wonderful boyfriend. After getting over the initial shock of “Holy fuck what did I just do?!” I felt really strange. I admit, there was a feeling of dread that had been plaguing the back of my mind for a few weeks already. Everything […]

+42 Charisma

I do believe the BF has a permanent +42 Charisma buffer on him. Not only do I and other girls think he’s good looking, my straight guy friends feel the need to tell me he’s good looking. It’s funny because my guy friends will just comment on the BF’s looks, unprompted, such as, “I don’t […]

The taste of beer

I read that smell and tastes are two senses with the strongest association bonds. This explains why people who immigrate to another country, while they may lose their language because of disuse, they almost always retain some form of their native food. The BF and I tend to drink beer when we hang out at […]