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My bike commute home

The sidewalk out of my office. From here, I go straight, go off the sidewalk, and attempt to make an illegal left turn onto a big street.

Carson Velodrome

I went to the velodrome in Carson today to watch some bicycle races. It was sad that there weren’t that many spectators. The center of the velodrome also had some girls volleyball tournament going on. The spectators of both sports added up still didn’t fill 1/3 of the seats in the center. The rules for […]

Hello Eimei

I got this frame a few months ago but I’ve been waiting on various parts to come before I finally could build it. It was weird riding a track frame after riding a road bike frame for so long, but so far, I haven’t thrown myself off the bike yet. The bike is a lot […]

Last weekend

I was up in the bay area last weekend and had this delicious bowl of spicy hand pulled noodles from the Imperial Tea Court in Berkeley. As the name suggests, it’s a place that serves tea. It was a nice day, so we had our meal on one of the small tables outside in the […]

Threadless Back to School Sale

Threadless is having a back to school sale where all of their shirts are $10 each. I have tons of shirts from them from just stocking up during their $10 sales, so it’s obvious that I like them. But now I like them even more. The Friday before the sale went on, I ordered this […]

Things I learned since commuting on a bike

I can shout “hey!!” in a scary manly voice For 50% of drivers, even if they’re looking straight in your direction, they don’t see you. Drivers making a right turn love looking left for oncoming traffic, but don’t like looking right for bicyclists. Eating a peanut butter sandwich while riding to work is a brilliant […]

My Bike is DONE!

I think it’s safe to say I’m finally done with my bike. Got rid of the pink grips and put on some white bar tape instead, since there was no way I would be able to slide the pink grips all the way up to the top of the drops. I also got a snazzy […]