Carson Velodrome

I went to the velodrome in Carson today to watch some bicycle races. It was sad that there weren’t that many spectators. The center of the velodrome also had some girls volleyball tournament going on. The spectators of both sports added up still didn’t fill 1/3 of the seats in the center.

The rules for racing seemed so random that it’s hard to keep track who’s in the lead, especially when people start lapping each other.

I tried to practice some of my camera panning skills, but it looks like I still need lots of practice.

Hello Eimei

I got this frame a few months ago but I’ve been waiting on various parts to come before I finally could build it. It was weird riding a track frame after riding a road bike frame for so long, but so far, I haven’t thrown myself off the bike yet.

The bike is a lot twitchier than my road bike. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but sometimes it feels like I just have to think of going left or right and the bike will automagically go there.

A boring list of the bike parts after the jump.
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