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Programmer by day, gamer, writer, photographer, chef, knitter and just all-around-awesome by night. Right here, on this very site, I write about things that interest me at the moment.

If you’d like me to write about your game, eat your food, take your picture, or employ my services in other ways, leave a comment here. I can also be contacted at: louise.m.yang[at symbol]gmail[dot]com

I also write for:

  • Siliconera: a gaming blog where I write reviews, features, and interviews.
  • FingerGaming: an iPhone site where I write reviews.
  • la.foodblogging: a Los Angeles based blog where I review Los Angeles restaurants.

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  1. Darlene says:

    Hi Louise: I just found your website. It’s great. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for purchasing mooncakes in the L.A. area. It seems that the unhealthy, greasy ones from HK and Taiwan are no longer available in Chinatown stores due to some health regulation (according to my mom). So I’m looking for healthy (or healthier ones) made locally that might fit the bill. I look at envy at pix of those from HK with exotic fillings (coffee, ice cream, tropical fruits) and with snowskins. Anything like that in SGV or L.A.? Thanks.

    • nakedsushi says:

      Hey Darlene,

      I only eat mooncake about once a year, so I don’t worry too much about whether they’re healthy or not. They’re usually so rich that I can only have about 1/8 of a whole cake at a time anyway.

      If you’re looking for variety, or ones that come in the metal boxes, 168 Market (on Valley and New) in the SGV has tons right now. They have a large table stacked high with all sorts of mooncakes, including vegetarian ones without egg or milk.

      As for local, I’m not 100% sure, but I would check the Chinese bakeries around the SGV. One that comes to mind is Tanbii Bakery ( which is where we get all our birthday cakes from. They usually have bite-sized mooncakes so you can buy several and try them before committing to buying the full sized ones.

      Hope this helps you get started on your search!

  2. sarah says:

    hey – couldn’t DM you on twitter, so just dropping by to let you know about a digital perm…i did mine at Kim Sun Young in ktown – 323 467 4247. the girl who did mine is Cindy.

  3. Alison Branley says:


    I am a reported for a newspaper in Newcastle Australia called the Newcastle Herald. I found your account of what happened at the The Ledbury online. Brett Graham is a newcastle born and trained chef, hence our interest. Do you mind if I use your account for the paper and can I get your full name and suburb in London.

    Its 4.30pm AEST and Im here till 11pm AEST

    alison branley

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