Ostrich Land

Ostrich Land

If stopping by Solvang isn’t Disneyland-esque enough, just a few miles down Highway 246 is Ostrich Land USA. I noticed passing it while we were looking for our hotel in Solvang and really wanted to go there. It turned out to be a fun way to pass an hour for only a few dollars.

Ostrich LandDo NOT pet the ostriches or emus while feeding them like I am doing here. That is a no-no.

Ostrich LandInstead, DO hold on to the feeding pan with both hands because they really peck that thing to death. Some of the larger ostriches even tried to take the entire pan away from me. They are strong.

Ostrich LandIt was pretty hot that day, so a lot of the ostriches were taking a rest or letting the breeze fan their undersides.

It’s not anything grand like going on an African safari, but I am glad I went and looked at these vicious birds up close. I wonder if anyone has ever ridden on one?

Ostrich Land USA
610 E Highway 246
Solvang, CA 93463
(805) 686 – 9696

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