Pasta with Creamy Fresh Porcini Sauce

June gloom may have flowed over to July, but one can still celebrate summer with a cold refreshing glass of vino verde, ripe peaches, and fresh porcini.  These porcini were a spur of the moment purchase from the Mushroom Man at the Hollywood Farmer’s market and boy, am I glad I gave in to the moment.

Dinner is served. Porcini and pasta with white wine and cream sauce. Vegan!

I brushed off most of the dirt and grit I could from the porcini. For particularly dirty ones, I washed them off in the sink with some running water. I know some people frown on fresh mushrooms being washed in water, but I’ve never seen the harm of it. Mushrooms are mostly water anyway, so it’s not like they’re going to absorb that much.

Porcini getting ready for pasta.

The porcini were then cut up in slices and then placed over medium low heat on a skillet with olive oil and a sprinkling of salt and pepper. When one side was almost-golden, I would flip them onto the other side.  We chose porcini with lots of golden-green gills under the cap because when fried this way, they melt into what some call vegetarian foie gras. Maybe we can call it faux gras.

Once the porcini is cooked on both sides, I lowered the heat and threw in one clove of chopped garlic.  When the garlic was fragrant, I then deglazed with a quarter cup dry white wine and let the alcohol burn off.  Then, I added a quarter cup of cashew cream* and stirred with the liquid in the pan until thoroughly incorporated.

Stir in the cooked pasta, chopped parsley, some pasta water if the “cream” gets too thick, toss with more salt and pepper to taste, and it’s ready to be served.


*cashew cream: raw cashews soaked in water for 6-8 hours or overnight.  Drain the cashews blend it and keep adding water until it’s the texture of heavy cream. It helps to have a Vitamix for this.

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