La Petite Frog

I may be the last one to jump on the “boxed wine that tastes good” band wagon, but in this 97F weather, a glass of chilled white wine that doesn’t bust my wallet is something to post about.

la petite frog

Will noticed a stack of these boxes the last time we were at K&L. I wavered between getting it or not. The box is deceptive in that it looks much smaller than it is.  Even sitting next to a regular bottle of wine, this 3L box looked small. I couldn’t believe that it contained the equivalent of 4 regular bottles of wine.  At $34 a box, which comes out to less than $10 a bottle, I decided to give it a try.

Now, I’m debating whether or not I should stock up in case K&L stops carrying this.  The wine is refreshingly dry with none of that sickly sweet taste that turns me off from some white wines that are supposed to be good for the summer.  It has just enough body to stand up to stronger tasting foods (we had this with a Moroccan tagine and it tasted fine!).  It even tasted great with a St. Andre triple cream because of its low acidity.

Because it’s in a magic box with a plastic bag in it, it keeps longer than bottled wine. The wine tastes just as good 2 weeks later as it did the day we opened it.  It’s also nice to have a “wine tap” in the fridge that I can just go to whenever I want a cool adult beverage.

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