Cocktail: Junior Prom Dress

Cocktail: Junior High Prom DressThis pretty in pink cocktail was made by the BF one night when we were talking about whether or not hibiscus (aka jamaica) would be good in a cocktail.  He whipped this thing up, which I like to call the Junior Prom Dress.  Why? Because it has a new and exciting taste, like when you first put on your prom dress during junior year, and then it has a sweet finish thanks to the rum.  I’ll leave that sweet finish to your imagination.

The BF explains how to make this:

This is my first attempt at “inventing” a cocktail. I think there’s room
for improvement, but here goes:

Jamaica Cocktail Junior Prom Dress

1 1/2 oz Jamaica (hibiscus) iced tea*
1/2 oz (or more) ginger syrup** (I used 1-3/4:1) or simple syrup
1/4 oz Lime juice
2 oz White rhum
dash or two Agnostura Bitters

Shake in a cocktail shaker and pour into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with lemon verbena or mint.

(with a nod to

* Steep hibiscus (jamaica) flowers in hot water. We also put some mint,
lemon verbena and stuff along with it. We used unsweetened

** Make a normal simple syrup, but put chunks of a 3-4″ piece of ginger
(or more if you want it really strong)

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