My smoking cherry just poppedI can’t believe I had gone 25 years of my life without smoking a single thing only to blow it on smoking a stinky cigar. It tasted exactly like I imagined it would based on the smell — a stinky barbecue. I liked trying to make rings out of it with the smoke, but that’s about all. I don’t think I’m gonna try smoking again. It just didn’t do anything for me. I even sat in my neighbor’s special cigar-smoking bench out on the porch to make the occasion special, but it was pretty meh.

And then I woke up the next morning and could still taste the smoke in my mouth! Maybe if they made a bacon-flavored cigar, I would be a fan of it. Bacon is pretty smokey, but it’s a delicious type of smokey.

Oh man, I bet my mom is reading this right now and getting super mad about me smoking. Ah sorry mommy, I’m never gonna smoke again!

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  1. pgeek says:

    I could relate! cigar smoking is vile…even if I experimented with cigarettes in my college years, cigars are still vile! sorry, cigar afficianados!

  2. enildeR says:

    There’s always snus. Camel is the only one putting out in the US. …and no, I don’t mean snuff.

  3. Louise's Mom says:

    Don’t bother coming home for dinner next week!

    I’m writing you out of my will too.

    Love, Mom.

  4. ecin says:

    I have a pack of Djarum Blacks that have lasted me 6 months now. I don’t smoke often. They are rather sweet in taste and smell though . Perhaps you should give those a try?

  5. e cigarrette says:

    i dont think a big fat cigar was the best choice for your first thing to smoke, I enjoy smoking but do not like cigars and they make your smell awful

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