Sheldon watching rat porn

We were showing Sheldon some rat porn last night. He didn’t seem that interested. I always wonder if animals look at videos the way we do. Does he know that there are rats on the screen?

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  1. emma says:

    that really surprised me when i logged onto your site! is sheldon your pet?! he’s really cute! we work with a love of white mice in labs. they’re pretty friendly and not at all panicking when we put them in various situations..haha

  2. nakedsushi says:

    Yeah Sheldon’s one of my pets. I have another rat called Gregory who keeps him company. Rats are such smart pets. I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner.

  3. Becca says:

    that.. is really interesting! I always show my dog pictures but she just sniffs it and ignores me… they probably just see flurries of movement and don’t bother :/

  4. scott says:

    You have rat porn on your computer? Should I even ask why? -_-;;;;

  5. nakedsushi says:

    Not exactly on my computer. But I found it on the interweb =)

  6. pgeek says:

    Sheldon is a cutie!

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