Dummy’s Guide to Dating Orientals: Shoes

Our Doormat

Disclaimer: This is not meant to offend. I’m Asian and the BF is not, so sometimes we have cultural differences. I just want to share some helpful tips about these cultural differences. Also, the ‘oriental’ part is facetious. Yes, I know that rugs can be Oriental, but people can’t.

When entering the house of an Asian person, always take your shoes off. This is especially true if you’re going to your Asian significant other’s parents’ house. If they insist you keep your shoes on, argue back and forth about it a few times before finally “giving up” and leaving them on. This will give you lots of points in the parents’ eyes.

The only place where it’s okay to wear shoes is in the kitchen and backyard. Many Asian people will have a pair of “inside slippers” just for this purpose. If you wore sandals to the house, do not bring them in and use them in the kitchen. Who knows what type of dirty things you could have tracked in with those sandals. Use the inside slippers. Even if they’re several sizes too small.

Also, make sure you have presentable socks on. You don’t want the parents to talk behind your back about how you’re too poor to even buy decent socks. Asians (especially Chinese) may be frugal, but they don’t wear socks with holes in them to visit people.

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