New Rat Cage

My new rat cage
This is my new rat cage from Martin’s Cages. As you can see, there aren’t any rats in there. We’re not getting them until Friday night. It’s going to be a long week! I made some hammocks for the rats this weekend in preparation.

I first made the blue one on the right, which has a pocket they can crawl into but then I realized it’s going to be summer soon and they might not want something so warm. That’s when I made the bigger brown on on the left which is just a regular hammock they can lie on.

The people at Martin’s Cages gave really good customer service. Paypal had messed up my shipping address, so I had to email Martin’s Cages to inform them and they got on top of it quickly. Then a few days later, I ordered a travel cage from them and they remembered that I had ordered a rat cage before and asked if I wanted them to modify the travel cage so that smaller rats wouldn’t be able to slip through the wires. I wish all places had customer service like that.

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