RASreferal log: 100% done

The RASreferal log is now 100% done. The last feature I added was pagination. It would have been done a day ago, but I had emptied out my referral table and wanted to make sure it worked, so I had to wait for referers. The latest incarnation of the referral log can be downloaded directly from here although there’s no guarantee that the link will stay current. Best bet is to get it from the project page.

I’m still thinking of ways to make it better. Maybe make the date format a little easier to read, and add IP logging?

[edit] A mistake on my part (forgot to include the updated referer.php file) caused the referer display page to display blank lines. I’ve updated the RARed file and everything should be displayed correctly now. Please re-download for the fix and just replace the old referer.php with the new referer.php if you have the old version (051605).

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